Insta360 One X – Second Day HUSTLE (Electric Skateboarding)

Footage is from 3/14/19.

A Dude Bro Inc Production.

This was my second day with the new Insta360 Video Camera.
Featured boards are Onewheel XRs and the Boosted Mini.


Board Setup (LINKS BELOW):
– Onewheel XR in Custom Shaping -2, 0.1, 9
– The Wheel is the FlightFins Hoosier 6 Treaded. Super solid tire! Grippy and maneuverable. Highly recommend.
– KUSH back footpad from TheFloatLife
– The fender/cover setup is the FULLFLIGHT from FlightFins!! One of the BEST one wheel fender setups.
– Limited Edition Blue FlightFins
– TheFloat.Life griptape
– TheFloat.Life White&Black SideKicks protecting rails
– Reflective stickers on the motor hub and rails by OWArmor
– Stroh back FloatPlate
-The SilverHandle as found on


Film setup:
Insta360 One X with Extension pole

***Note that this was my second day with this camera and I was using AUTO camera settings. I’m looking into ways to improve quality and fix the motion blur so don’t worry! I should just keep getting better with this setup. 🙂


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