Insta360 ONE X sample 5.7K 360 video dynamic range, log mode and low light

Sample 360 videos from the Insta360 ONE X showing dynamic range, log mode, and low light. (For my full review featuring bungee jumping, see here ) After stitching the videos, they were then edited into a montage using Adobe Premiere Pro, 120mpbs bitrate. The videos show the One X’s resolution, dynamic range (with log mode and without log mode), low light footage, and stabilization performance in real world conditions.

The log profile was from Insta360 and is available for download from their site. Other than adding music and text, and applying the log profile, the videos are unedited and use automatic exposure settings.

The video does NOT show audio performance. The version of Insta360 Studio that I used had some audio sync issues, but they have now already fixed that issue.

Some people have noticed a bit of stutter. That’s bec the video was rendered at a nonstandard 28.97 fps. This has also been fixed.

Re blur, it is due to slow shutter speed. See the new low light sample here: The new firmware has an option to default to a higher shutter speed.

Watch my Ultra In-depth One X review here:

Tony Northrup criticized the stabilization of the One X when stitched on a desktop. What he said was true of the older version of the Insta360 Studio. But on Monday October 8, they sent me the new version of Insta360 Studio, which stitches smoothly and has working stabilization. That’s the version that I used to stitch these videos.

For more comprehensive information about Insta360 One X, go to . Get a free invisible selfie stick with your One X when you order here: . Watch for my full review of the Insta360 One X very soon!

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