Insta360 One X REVIEW: More Than Just a 360 Camera

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The Insta360 One X is the next generation consumer 360 camera from Insta360. The One X is a 360 camera, but it’s also capable of creating “normal” video through its freecapture software. The camera retains the same amazing stabilization as the last version, but can now shoot 5.7K resolution video with much improved dynamic range.

I’ve been using the One X for about a week now and I’ve found it to be a pretty awesome camera with some excellent potential. The editing software in the One X app allows you to create some awesome videos that mix slow motion and hyperlapse with the ability to choose exactly where the camera is looking at any given moment.

New features found in the One X include:

– 5.7K 360 Video with improved quality re-framed video
– Slow motion “timeshift”
– Hyperlapse
– HDR Video and Photo

If you have any questions about the One X feel free to ask. There will be more videos from this camera on this channel, including 360 sample videos and comparisons with other 360 cameras.


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