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Another one of Izmir’s interesting places to visit is the Historical Elevator building. This building, which also gave the district its name, was had built by a Jewish businessman named Nesim Levi. The Elevator, which was built between Mithat Paşa Street and the 40-meter high Şehit Nihat Bey Street, was built on an old quarry and put into service in 1907. The elevator saves everyone from climbing the 155 steps between Mithat Paşa Street and Halil Rıfat Paşa Street. The elevator tower consists of three floors. The elevator, which has remained intact to this day, is now electrically driven.

It is one of the best places to view Izmir, and you will want to take photographs. The world-renowned artist Dario Moreno used to live on the street where the Elevator is located and the street was given his name. Every year on the 15th of December a remembrance day is held on the street. On this street, lined with magnolia trees, you can see cleverly engraved old Izmir houses with their own bays.

There is a classy restaurant and café at the elevator, which can be reached from both Mithat Paşa Street and Halil Rifat Paşa Street.