Insta360 One X mounted on a Harley Davidson, NO SHAKE! (TEST FOOTAGE)

Finally a camera that can handle a Harley Davidson’s vibration!

Mute the audio! The audio is raw from the camera, and really sucks. But, I knew this going in. will probably just tape off the mic holes.

After years of trying different action cameras with disappointing results, the Insta360 One X delivers! Simple RAM ball on the Insta360 stick with a RAM ball on the end into a short RAM.
extension to a master cylinder ball mount.

This is my first attempt. A quick 5 minute setup, and hit the road. Obviously, I need to tweak my rigging a bit to be more serious, but I’m pretty happy with this test result.

If you watch the bikes shadows, you will see the rig hanging out the front. The camera removes itself from the video.