Insta360 One X – Low Light Test

Work is still crazy, so I have to sneak in the miles when I can. But running at 5:30 in the morning makes for a nice low light test for the Insta360 One X. My settings were 3k 100 fps with Shutter set to Fast. The results were pretty good, in my opinion. If you are really pixel peeping, there’s a lot to complain about – the image is super noisy, and there’s an overall lack of clarity. But all in all, the Insta360 One X did about as well as I was expecting. I didn’t have any shots that were just unusable, and I was pretty happy with the footage.

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Today’s charity runner of the day is Phil Dawkins, who will be running the London Marathon and raising money for MS-UK.

I’m looking to donate $70 to a different charity runner every week. If you are running for charity, let me know in a comment; message me on IG, Twitter, or Facebook; or send me an email. I’d love to donate $70 to your cause and spotlight you on the channel.

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