Insta360 ONE X low light sample video: how to avoid blur

This Insta360 ONE X low light sample video shows how to avoid blur by using manual exposure and a higher shutter speed. The video also shows the low light performance of the ONE X at ISO 800, ISO 1600 and ISO 3200.
By default, Insta360 ONE X firmware 1.15.12 defaults to a slow shutter speed, as slow as 1/30th sec. to keep ISOs low. However, with a slow shutter speed there will be blur from any camera movement, even if you are using a $50,000 RED camera.
You can avoid blur by using a gimbal or by using a higher shutter speed. The ONE X has true manual exposure mode for video where you can specify both the shutter speed and ISO (not just Auto ISO limit). Here I tested the ONE X at 1/30 shutter, ISO 800, and at 1/60 shutter speed, ISO 1600, and 1/120 shutter speed, ISO 3200.
Insta360 said they will have a firmware update that will default to a higher shutter speed for low light.
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