Insta360 One X Beginners Guide: How to Edit 360 Video with Adobe Premiere No Stitch Plugin

In this Insta360 One X beginners guide tutorial, you’ll learn how to edit 360 video with Insta360’s no stitch workflow on Adobe Premiere Pro using the Insta360 One X premiere plugin. With this Insta360 One X beginners’ guide to 360 video editing, you’ll learn everything you need to get started on editing 360 videos easily. You’ll learn:
– how and why to stitch and BATCH EXPORT Insta360 One X photos and videos on Insta360 Studio
– how to use the two different STABILIZATION modes (flowstate and direction lock)
– how to make your Venture Case INVISIBLE and how to make the Dive Case stitch smoothly
– how to edit 360 video in Adobe Premiere with the NO STITCH workflow.
– no-stitch workflow advantages and disadvantages + which cameras can work with the no-stitch workflow (it’s not just One X!). Correction: you CAN use the dive case or venture case correction for the no-stitch video. In the project panel, right click and select Source Settings. You’ll see the options there.
– how to edit 360 videos (just 5 things to remember)
– how to use 360 videos for reframed OVERCAPTURE non-360 videos (aka freecapture), and how to edit your videos together with videos from other non-360 cameras.
– how to add CINEMATIC camera movements to your video

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