Insta360 One X 4K – Copperopolis Road Race Descent Pre-Ride

Subscribe to my YouTube channel, and when I reach the 1000 sub threshold, I’ll find a way to livestream races with these helmet mounted cameras. Insta360 One X Video of the Copperopolis Descent during a Pre-ride. I’m sitting on the brakes a lot so i’m not hitting terminal velocity. But you can see what you missed if you passed up the race, or even if you were in the race but all your internal organs were rattled on the descent. I don’t remember anything since the descent was so bumpy, my vision was completely blurred. This was the first time I got to really see what the road and environment looked like on the descent! As for the race, I had to DNF, but it was a really good workout. Cognition Racing Team, Cognition Cyclery