Insta360 One x (360 Degree Action Camera) REVIEW. Who is it best for???

The Insta360 One X 360 camera is quite the piece of tech…. This beast of a 360 “Action” Camera is capable of 5.7K footage at 30fps, 4k at 50fps and 3k at 100fps. With this little firecracker, never worry again that you’ve gone through your footage only to realize that you are missing a certain killer angle. Gone are those days as you can simply reframe your footage in post.
There are tons of “good” but the camera is not without its “bads.” The list of bads unfortunately for me, out ways the goods.
Unless you are shooting in 5.7K, you will certainly lose image quality as you punch in and dive into color grading. And, at 5.7k the only frame rate available is 30fps so buttery smooth slo-mo is an option that I could only long for. I’d go for 100 fps at 4k but that’s only for the lackluster 3k function which comes with a huge quality drop. For the casual user, this may be fine. Watch the Full Review or skip to the end for a full Overview of positives and negatives.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this piece of 360 degree movie making tech, you can make it happen by following the amazon affiliate link below. Enjoy.

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