Insta360 One SmartTrack Auto-framing and FreeCapture Mode Test

This video was shot on the Insta360 One 360 camera. The first portion, where the camera follows me around, was automatically done via the SmartTrack auto-framing feature in the app.

The second half of the video, where I’m walking, I used the FreeCapture feature in the app to use my phone (OK, technically an iPod touch), to choose what is shown in the frame just by moving the iPod around. It’s intuitive and easy to do.

This is direct from the camera, no other editing or color grading. The one hiccup you see is when I changed from the SmartTrack to FreeCapture. Not sure there’s a way around this unless you’re really able to line up the “shots” perfectly between the modes.

The lighting was pretty crap this day, so I edited a later video using the same technique. You can check it out here: (check the description there for more into).