Insta360 ONE review in-depth with tutorial guide: the best 360 camera for learning to shoot in 360

In-depth review of the Insta360 ONE 360 camera for smartphones (iOS; Android – with adapter). See table of contents below. The ONE is an advanced 360 camera with many features such as:
– built-in image stabilization
– bullet time mode
– smart tracking (like a tripod that follows a subject automatically)
– freecapture (shoot first, point later)
Is it the best 360 camera for consumers? Find out why or why not! Jump to any segment of the video with the table of contents below.

1. Detailed review
2. Detailed photo and video comparison vs Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere
3. Download sample files:
4. WHERE to BUY:
With free bullet time handle and invisible selfie stick:
Or Amazon Link #1: or Link #2 If out of stock, check here:
5. here’s a short version of this video

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0:34 executive summary
0:56 the goal of this review
1:09 what this review will cover
1:54 Introduction to Insta360 ONE
4:43 How to use Insta360 ONE (from shooting to sharing)
9:10 How to share a photo or video from the app
11:42 image stabilization
12:20 smart tracking
12:54 FreeCapture
15:48 other features
18:29 bullet time
19:56 livestreaming
22:19 DNG raw mode
24:00 photo quality comparison with Xiaomi
25:38 video quality comparisonwith Xiaomi