Insta360 One R & X: TEN NEW EFFECTS

The Insta360 One R ( just dropped some big app updates! Here are 10 epic 360 video effects you can edit solely in the app, in 60 seconds. And yes they (mostly) work with the One X πŸ˜‰

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Stuff from this video:
360 Camera i used (One R):
512GB SD card:
One X:
Selfie stick i used:

0:00 The Effects
0:37 Introduction
1:49 Clone Trail
4:00 Stop Motion
5:30 Dolly Zoom
6:54 Barrel Roll
8:36 Flash Dash
9:18 Auto Timeshift
11:08 Roll Planet
12:19 Parallel Planet
12:36 Time Flip
13:34 Freeze Frame
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