Insta360 One R vs GoPro Max: ULTIMATE COMPARISON

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Are you trying to choose between the Insta360 One R and the GoPro Max as your next 360 camera? These are the two flagship 360 cameras out right now, particularly if you are looking for a 360 camera for action shots or vlogging.

Both of these cameras feature a “two in one” design, allowing you to shoot both 360 and normal video. They both feature touch screens and can shoot a 5K resolution 360 video.

The GoPro Max and One R share some similarities but after using them both for 3 months I can tell you there are some big differences. In this video i compare the Insta360 One R and GoPro Max side by side and offer my view as to their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Insta360 One R vs GoPro Max


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