Insta360 One R update: 14 NEW FEATURES (September 2020)

MASSIVE Insta360 One R update added 14 new features to the One R. In this video, I show these 14 new features, how to use them, which ones are the most useful, and which ones are less useful.

Insta360 One R sale until 9/17/20:

1. Auto-tracking webcam mode.
2. Direct export to MP4.
3. Insta360 Final Cut plugin
4. Vivid color profile
5. Pureshot
6. One R 360 live streaming
7. Reframed live streaming
8. Improved audio quality.
9. Airpods voice control
10. Giant Jump
11. Fly Lapse
12. Aquavision.
13. ND filters (world’s first ND filters for consumer 360 camera) by Freewell
14. Matterport compatibility.

Novedades en español:

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