Insta360 One R "SUPER" Night Mode Workflow Explained! Make the most of Night Mode!

Super Night Mode is actually a workflow , not an official released mode yet.
With Super Night Mode workflow , you will get the best quality out from the 9 DNG shots from night mode such as Boosted Detail , Perfect Stitching , Perfect Leveling , HDR with Handheld.

00:42 Some Interesting result from Insta360 One R Night Mode
01:35 Super Night Mode Workflow
01:45 Example No.1 from start to finish
(Perfect Leveling , HandHeld HDR with No Ghosting , Boost Detail)
04:43 Example No.2
(Perfect Leveling ,Perfect Stitch , Boost Detail, Better Dynamic Range)

Brief Super Night Mode Workflow
1. Stack 8 DNG shots in Kandao Raw+

2. Color Correction the KDRaw and EV-4 Raw
in Adobe Camera Raw and export as tif
3. Blend them in Aurora HDR 2019
4. Stitch in PTGui Pro 12b3 (360 Mod only)
5. Further correct Tone & Curve in Photoshop
6. Share and Boom!