Insta360 One R “Super Night Mode” coming?

Insta360 One R Super Night Mode - crop from 360 photo by Yuqing Guo

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You may have heard about Insta360 One R’s Night Mode or Night View.  Now, it appears Insta360 may soon be improving it further with “Super Night Mode”.

Insta360 One R (reviewed here) is a modular 360 camera that can convert to a 4K action cam, 1-inch sensor cam, or “invisible” drone camera.  The One R also has several features, including the Night View mode, which combines both stacking and HDR techniques to produce a photo with wide dynamic range and less noise.  Notwithstanding the name of this feature, it is actually usable in any light conditions.  With this mode, the One R takes a burst of 9 DNG photos.  Eight of the photos have the same exposure and with median stacking, are used to reduce noise.  The ninth shot is a shot at -4EV to capture highlights.  The photos are stitched and fused in Insta360’s desktop app.

Insta360 One R Super Night Mode – crop from 360 photo by Yuqing Guo

Now, 360 photographer Yuqing Guo posted a sample photo captured with “Super Night Mode.”  According to Yuqing, “[T]he upcoming SUPER NIGHT MODE is even better and could push the image quality a lot further on the basis of the current night mode.”  The sample photo Yuqing posted shows no noise and incredible dynamic range.  However, it is unclear how much of the noise was removed during editing as opposed to the Super Night Mode feature.  You can check out Yuqing’s photo here.

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