Insta360 One R for Virtual Tour (8 STRENGTHS + 4 WEAKNESSES)

In this video we’ll talk about the Insta360 One R for Virtual Tours – 8 advantages, 4 disadvantages, and a comparison with other popular 360 cameras for virtual tours. The One R is very well known for 360 videos. How is it for 360 photos and virtual tours? It’s actually pretty good as well, but you need to know its limitations.

In this video, I show a NO HOLDS BARRED brutally honest look at the One R for virtual tours. I discuss 8 advantages, including some that you may not know about. I also discuss 4 disadvantages of the One R for virtual tours. I’ll help you choose your next 360 camera for virtual tours, which may or may not be the One R.

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0:00 – Intro
1:21 – 8 advantages for virtual tours

06:45 – 4 disadvantages for virtual tours
09:32 – comparison with other 360 cameras

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