Insta360 One R APP: Full Guide and Tutorial

Insta360 One R Available Here:

This is my tutorial for Insta360 One R App. I think th App is possible the best part of the One R experience, more so than the hardware itself.

The One R App features several AI editing modes that allow you to quickly create unique video on the fly. There’s also a full manual editing mode that allows you to create full videos with music, titles, transitions and cutscenes; videos that would usually require a desktop to create.

In this video I show you pretty much every editing feature in the One R App. In future videos I’ll show you full guides of how to successfully achieve these effects.

Please note that I am using a pre-release version of the App in this video and it will be improved upon regularly with updates. I’m using an iPhone 8 and not all features will be available for less powerful phones.

What do you think of the One R App? Is it a good enough reason to buy the camera?