Insta360 One R and accessories now in stock on Amazon and B&H Photo

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Insta360 One R in stock at Amazon and B&H Photo

Insta360 One R (reviewed here) is now in stock at Amazon or B&H Photo.  The One R has been available directly from Insta360 since February but is now finally available at Amazon and B&H Photo as well.  For customers in the US, ordering from Amazon or B&H is probably faster than ordering from Insta360 directly, and it’s easier to return the camera if you have any issues.  Here are the cameras and accessories available right now:

One R Twin Edition (includes 360 mod and 4K wide mod): $479 (Amazon or B&H Photo).  If you buy from B&H using their payboo credit card, you can get a rebate of the sales tax (like having no sales tax).  Meanwhile, Amazon’s credit card gives a 5% rebate on Amazon purchases.

One R 360 Edition (includes 360 module only.  Does not include 4K wide mod).  $429 (Amazon).  If you are absolutely sure you don’t need the 4K module, then this is the module for you.

Insta360 One R 4K Edition (includes 4K wide mod only.  Does not include 360 mod).  $299 (Amazon or B&H Photo).  If you don’t want the 360 module, e.g., you plan to use the Insta360 One X for 360 and the One R for the 4K module, then you can get the One R with just the 4K mod.

Insta360 One R selfie stick
Insta360 One R selfie stick

One R invisible selfie stick: $20 at Amazon.  This is much more compact than the invisible selfie stick.  It is 27.5 inches long and collapses to a pocketable 6 inches (when it’s collapsed, it’s around 1/2 the size of the invisible selfie stick).  In addition, you can extend it simply by pulling it without a twist lock.

Insta360 One R battery in stock
Insta360 One R battery in stock

One R extra battery: $29 at Amazon.  The One R’s battery life is about 45 minutes in real world conditions.  I highly recommend getting one or two extra batteries.  I also highly recommend the quick charger when it becomes available.

Microphone adapter (preorder): $10.  This is the best option for clear audio.

This is the camera bag I use for the One R.  It can carry the One R plus two additional modules.

Other editions, modules, and accessories such as the 1-inch module, the aerial edition, the mic adapter, and the fast charger are available only so far from Insta360 directly.

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