Insta360 One & Insta360 One X Generic Bluetooth remote by Neewer that works

This Bluetooth remote really works. I have tried various ones. The steps to connect it is so simple.
This remote brought from Amazon it from a Company called NEEWER

Neewer Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control for Mobile Phones Shutter Release with Blue Wrist Strap for Mobile Devices iPhone Android like iPhone iPad Samsung LG Huawei and Così Via

Just type in Amazon search bar:

Neewer Wireless Bluetooth remote control


Some people are having problems PLEASE TRY THIS

download the Insta360 app was well.
1. Try you got the latest firmware update to your Insta360 camera.
2. Try turning off Bluetooth on your phone ( after all these remotes are really designed to connect to smartphones to take photos & videos, the maybe grabbing the Bluetooth signal first before the camera.
3. Try it again go through the steps on the view.
4. If have done all that, and still doesn’t work. Last result are two things. A: change the Neewer remote, send back that in exchange for another one. ( lately someone people were solving problems this way, as it looks like not remotes are built by Neewer just branded by them) B. Contact Insta360 via the live chat service on the app to email the link to the latest firmware.
Now if doesn’t work Insta360 MAY have closed the loop hole to make this remote work. So that you have to buy there own like GOPRO.