Insta360 One FreeCapture and Little Planet Test (Bonus 5th Video!)

I lied! There are 5 videos now! I was unhappy with how my earlier test of the Insta360’s FreeCapture editing came out, due to how cloudy the day was. So I edited this video using their app.

In addition, I tweaked the color, contrast, and volume in Premiere. You can check out the other videos to see the footage unadjusted. I wanted on this one to show how it could look with a little post processing “clean up.”

To see this video in 360 form, with no post processing, click here:

To see this clip, cut between the three cameras mentioned (yes, I’m loving Premiere I just got it), click here:

And to see the other video of me talking about the FreeCapture mode, plus what the SmartTrack feature can do, click here: