Insta360 Go: First Impressions before I've even used it… and I'm not convinced.

Insta360 Go Available Here: lol jk

The Insta360 Go has just been announced as the latest camera from Insta360 and their first to use just one lens.

The idea behind this wearable camera is that you can magnetically connect it to your body and record hands free footage in a variety of modes such as hyperlapse, slow motion or just normal HD video at 30 second intervals.

It’s a great idea and one of the best wearable camera formats I’ve seen. This video is my first impressions of the camera, mostly from looking at footage released from a variety of YouTubers as well as the marketing materials. I’m not coming to any final conclusions as I’ve obviously not used it myself yet, but I think the strengths and weaknesses of this camera are already clear to see.

What do you think of the Insta360 Go and will you be buying one?