Insta360 GO firmware update adds 1-minute videos

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Insta360 GO firmware update

Insta360 GO (reviewed here) got a firmware update to increase the maximum recording time per video to 1 minute.

Insta360 GO is the smallest stabilized camera launched last week by Insta360, the company that created the Insta360 One X.  Unlike action cameras, the GO is designed to capture highlights rather than create long-form videos.  The Go therefore originally recorded 15-second or 30-second videos to make them easier to edit.  However, in response to user feedback, Insta360 has posted a firmware update that would add the option to record 1-minute long videos.

To update the Insta360 Go, connect the Go and its charge case to your phone, and launch the Go app.  In the settings, tap on “About Insta360” and tap on firmware.  Ensure that the Go is fully charged before updating the firmware.

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