Insta360 EVO VR180 to 3D HSBS conversion

This is a sample of 5.7K video shot in VR180 with the Insta360 EVO that has been interpreted into 3D HSBS for use with 3D TVs. While this is not perfect, it is provided here for users as well as Insta360 engineers to understand the projection requirements for adding this into their PC applications.

This conversion was done in Cyberlink PowerDirector 17 after export from Insta360 Studio.

Special thanks to Thomas Hübner (from the Facebook Insta360 EVO group) for all of this work and insight. Most of the conversion was his hard work, but he was kind enough to share it. I’m rewriting his conversion with some of my thoughts/advice and for better understanding.

Please download instructions from my Google Drive here…