Insta360 EVO Review: Your Own IMAX 3D!

In-depth review of Insta360 EVO, a new dual 360 camera and vr180 camera. Insta360 EVO is a VR camera that enables you to create videos that are even MORE immersive than IMAX 3D. To find out how it can enable you to watch and CREATE your own IMAX 3D movies, we will discuss:
– What is virtual reality and what is VR180? How is it different from 360?
– What is the Insta360 EVO and what are its unique features?
– How does Insta360 EVO compare to the Insta360 One X, Vuze XR, Kandao Qoocam, and Lenovo Mirage?
– What are the Insta360 EVO’s advantages and disadvantages?
– Should you buy the Insta360 EVO?

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