Insta360 EVO First Look: 1803D and 360 @ 5.7K

Insta360 Evo is available to order here:

Insta360 EVO is a dual 180 and 360 camera with a foldable body. It can shoot 5.7K resolution video in both 360 and 180 mode. The 180 video is also 3D which provides depth when viewing on a VR headset.

Insta360 has also developed a phone accessory that allows you to view back 3D photos and videos without requiring those annoying 3D glasses. You can also connect your Oculus Go straight to the camera and instantly watch back your video with new Insta360 VR App for Oculus Go and Gear VR.

In this video I show you some example videos shot with the Insta360 EVO, the specs of the EVO as well as my first impressions of the camera. I want to properly test all of the features on this camera rather than rush it, so in the next week or so I’ll be back with a full review alone with way more footage shot with the camera!


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