Insta360 Ace Pro AI Warp: Edit Your Videos with ChatGPT Prompts

Here’s how you use the AI Warp effect to edit your videos with a ChatGPT-like prompt box. Create some amazing effects and unlock the power of AI for video editing. Only compatible with the new Insta360 Ace Pro camera.

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Is the AI Warp effect the start of an AI editing revolution? This effect allows you to use a ChatGPT-like prompt box to tell an AI server how to edit your video.

You can choose from some pre-set prompts or make up your own. SO far I’ve found the AI editor to be pretty accurate in following my prompts but the effects are similarly stylised .

While AI Warp may not be a full AI video editor it may just be the start of what AI can do when it comes to editing your videos.

What do you think of AI Warp? Is it a gimmick or is it the future?

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