INSTA 360 ONE X, Kamera Paling KECE buat traveller, vlogger, WAJIB punya, tidak RUGI.

1. 360 degrees panoramic shooting: 18 million pixel photos, 5.7K video
2. 360 degrees panoramic live broadcast
3. Rich connection mode: OLED display independent use, Wifi connection, Bluetooth connection, wired connection
4. Flowstate super defense Shake + optical flow stitching;
5. Bullet time slow motion blockbuster
6. Rich personalized editing features: smart track, free capture
7. Free sharing to major social platforms
8. Removable battery for great endurance
9. Rich accessories, underwater stitching without pressure
10. FlowState is as smooth as it gets. Traditional action cameras are left shaking.
11. Control time and perspective. Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse.

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