[INSPIRING!!!] Kandao QooCam 8K Composite Photography Workflow Explained!!Capture Every Best Momont!

QooCam 8K Composite Photography Workflow

With DNG8 Shooting Mode and Raw+ , actually you can capture more thatn one best moment at a time. If you compress and composite them into one single shot , that will be really intetesting!
Composite your shot is like composing a piece of music.

Here is the time code

01:17 Some Shooting information explained

01:36 Step 1 : Choose the reference images
02:17 Step 2 : Stack images in Kandao Raw+

02:48 Step 3 : Color Correction in Adobe Camera Raw
03:47 Step 4 : Composite photo in Photoshop
05:04 FAQ QooCam Studio does not accept Edited Tiff Image

05:41 Step 5 : Stitch in QooCam Studio
06:26 Step 6 : Correct Stitching Errors with Unstitched Panos

07:37 Step 7 : Nadir Patch and more carving

Magical Remove Shadow in Photoshop by PiXimperfect

ExifTools GUI download