In Depth Review on RICOH THETA SC2 and SC2 Bussiness Model , Tips and Tricks on THETA SC2 and More!!

My personal experience with RICOH THETA SC2 and SC2 Bussiness Model

Time Code
01:09 RICOH THETA SC2 Introduction
The Design
01:50 The Hardware
02:19 The Software and My User Experience

03:52 RICOH THETA SC2 Bussiness Model Introduction

04:13 In-Depth Comparision on the Differences
05:00 Room Preset and Time Shifting Shooting
05:40 Summery on the differences
05:50 Price Point Difference

06:05 My Tips and Tricks on THETA SC2

06:12 The Essence of three shooting options in Auto Mode (For SC , SC2 , V , Z1)
06:34 Noise Reduction Option Explained
07:28 Dynamic Range Compensation Option Explained
08:19 HDR `Rendering Option Explained

08:56 The Key idea behind each preset shooting

09:00 Face Preset Explained
09:36 Night View Preset Explained
10:00 Lens by Lens Preset Explained
10:31 Room Preset Explained
11:24 THETA SC2 could also have ROOM preset and EVEN BETTER!

( It will work on all THETA Models including SC , V and Z1)
12:15 My Best Settings on RICOH THETA SC2 Explained
13:05 Time Shift Shooting Tips

13:49 One More Suggestion for THETA SC2 Future Update
14:35 Virtual Tour and Life Style Panorama Samples

Since there is little report on this camera and even less video about it,
here I made a collection for you to dive deep into this camera
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