IN CAMERA RAW+ Explained!!! Express DNG8 Explained!! The Next Generation QooCam 8K is HERE NOW!!

With Major Firmware Update , The Next Generation QooCam 8K is HERE NOW!! This is the Episode 1 of the In-Depth video series. I will focus on In Camera Raw+ and Express DNG8 in this video
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The Next Generation QooCam 8K is HERE NOW

02:29 My QooCam 8K Gallery
03:48 Ideas Behind This Firmare Upgrade
03:53 Computational Photography vs VR Phorography
06:30 Express DNG8
08:00 Express DNG8 Benchmark Test
08:45 Composite Long Exposure with Express DNG8
10:14 Workflow about Express DNG8
10:27 Conventional Workflow
10:35 High Quality Workflow
10:45 Mobile DNG Workflow
11:06 In Camera Raw+
11:42 Benifits of In Camera Raw+
12:39 In Camera Raw+ (Single Shot)
14:52 Batch Processing of In Camera Raw+
15:26 In Camera Raw+ Benchmark Test
17:05 Live Demo
17:20 Conventional Workflow
18:50 High Quality Workflow
24:28 Final Result
24:45 Summery
26:05 Future Expectation
28:01 SuperHDR Intro


Gears I use for my Daily Life

360 Cameras
— Kandao QooCam 8K
— Kandao QooCam 4K
— Insta360 One R 360 Mod
— GoPro Fusion

Normal Cameras
— Sony A7M3
— Sony A7R
— Canon EOS M3

— Deity V-Mic D3 Pro
— Saramonic Blink 500 B2
— Sairen T-Mic
— Deity V-Lav
— Boya MM1

— Bushman Monopod V2
— Nodal Ninja Travel Pole
— Bushman Corelite
— Bushman THETA Pole
— Bushman Popye
— Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stitck


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