Hypnotic Photos of Spiral Staircases Found in Budapest

Hungarian fine art photographer Balint Alovits recently completed a new project titled “The Time Machine.” It’s a collection of photos showing the Bauhaus and Art Deco staircases found in buildings around Budapest.

The staircases have different colors and shapes and are photographed straight through the middle, either from above or below.

“The photographs show spiral staircases from the same central perspective,” Alovits writes. “With the pulling energy of these spiral forms, the works of Time Machine create a new dimension by splitting space and time, while staying within the visual limits of the project’s concept, while the perception of the architectural details evokes the idea of infinity.”

Back in 2014, we shared a similar project by photographer Christian Richter that documented rundown staircases in abandoned buildings around Europe.

You can find more of Alovits’ work over on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Image credits: Photographs by Balint Alovits and used with permission

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