Hulu’s VR App is Now on Oculus Rift

    American streaming service Hulu has announced that it’s bringing virtual reality (VR) content to Oculus Rift headsets. Earlier this year the service launched its own VR app for Samsung Gear VR, and now this app will work with Oculus Rift, allowing customers to watch over 30 original VR programmes as well as stream all of Hulu’s regular 2D content in an immersive 3D environment.

    Hulu announced the news on Twitter, also debuting a new virtual viewing space inspired by SyFy series 12 Monkeys that will allow fans of the show to watch it from within a time machine.

    Hulu, of course, isn’t the only streaming service with a VR viewing app – Netflix has one too for Samsung Gear VR, though the company recently stated that VR exclusive content is not in its immediate future plans. Though VR is still very much in the experimental stages for streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, these apps allow the companies to test out what kind of VR content appeals to their customers and the best ways to move it forward so it’s not really all that surprising that Hulu wants to bring its app to more powerful headsets such as Oculus Rift. No company wants to be the one to fall behind when it comes to technology as promising as VR.

    The 12 Monkeys experience announced with the app on Oculus Rift is an interesting example of how VR streaming experiences are developing. Allowing viewers to watch shows in locations that immerse them in the show by making them feel like they’re actually somewhere in its universe is a simple but extremely effective idea.

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