How to Live Stream in 360° on mobile with Insta360 One X | Facebook Live and YouTube

Let’s see how to live stream even on YouTube or Facebook in 360°, very easily with Insta360 One X. Besides 360 live stream we can broadcast even in overcapture mode. And if you are interested about further 360 photo and video tutorials, subscribe here:

I think it’s very interesting to watch something in real time from a different part of the World, and to look around virtually. It’s a little bit different than a normal 360 video, and the real-time experience makes it really special.

Even more, we can create a really fun broadcasting if we stream in overcapture mode: we can set up the directions, the field of view and the angles for the viewers…

With some 360 cameras you have to use a computer or a laptop to start live streaming, but with Insta360 mobile app now we can do it much easier.

During live streaming I prefer using a tripod, but with some tricks we can also broadcast with the selfie stick, even during doing some extreme sports.


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