How to Fix the Vrlogon.dll Error

Error messages can be irritating. The jargon and coding they use could be more unnerving. Then, repeated appearances of these error messages tell you that it’s time to consult a professional.

The worst thing is when you are in the middle of an important task, and you get an error message. There are certain laptop users who have encountered a vrlogon.dll error message while using the Fast User Switching feature. The Fast User Switching feature is a provision allowed by certain operating systems whereby multiple users can use the same laptop without restarting windows. The welcome screen often fails to show up and instead prompts the user to log in. After log in when the user tries to change the way users login, they get the vrlogon.dll error saying that Fast User Switching has been disabled.

Although the user can log in, he or she is highly inconvenienced by the hindrances they face. To make matters worse, the vrlogon.dll file does not seem to be anywhere on the system.

Certain brands of laptops use fingerprint recognition software that can also cause the problem for that particular brand. In such a case disabling the fingerprint software does the trick.

Some professionals try to change the msconfig or regedit commands, but are often unsuccessful. When looked up on the internet by typing vrlogon.dll in search engines, all you can get is answers that are ambiguous and impractical. Sometimes they are too technical for a lay person to understand.

When it restarts, the computer goes into safe mode and asks for a username and password. Many times it will not accept the regular username and password and therefore the user can do nothing about it. Then there are other times when it will allow you certain options before loading windows. Even when users try to restart it using a previously used configuration the vrlogon.dll problem persists. Some have found that the problem got sorted out when the userinit.exe file was replaced.

If you are a Windows NT user, and are having some third party software, the Gina.dll file may become corrupted and result in an error message. This happens especially when you are using fingerprint authentication software. Replacing the Gina.dll file has been found to sort out the problem.

Quite a few users have found that following instructions provided by Doug Knox has helped them solve the vrlogon.dll problem. Since these errors may be caused due to a snag in the Operating System, some Doug Knox utilities will restore the GINA value of the registry and resolve the problem.

The problem with vrlogon.dll errors is that they are stubborn and no amount of trying can fix them. If you use Lenovo ThinkPad with IBM CSS fingerprint authentication software in conjunction with Novell eDirectory, you may face the problem when you try to change the eDirectory password, as IBM changes the existing .dll file to vrlogon.dll.

Since the vrlogon.dll program is highly technical it’s best left to a technically sound person to deal with it. Therefore if you encounter this error, it is best to contact your maintenance professional rather than trying to fix it yourself.

Source by Dale Maxwell