How to Edit Insta360 One X – Running Footage

My workflow for using the Insta360 One X breaks down into three parts: (1) capture, (2) framing, and (3) the edit. As far as the edit goes, it’s pretty much the same as editing any other video in Final Cut Pro or Premiere, but it’s the capture and the framing that are quite different when it comes to using a 360 camera to create a 1920×1080 video.

Whereas the GoPro requires you to put the camera exactly where you want the camera to be and looking at generally what you want to see, the previously simple idea of point and shoot is quite different for a 360 camera. With a 360 camera, you need to think only about how high off the ground do you want your camera and how far away from you do you want it. And because the rest gets taken care of in the framing step, the only other thing you really need to worry about is whether you are holding your hand or arm in a weird position after the software deletes the selfie stick.

The framing that you select in post production, or rather, in post regular production but in pre- post production, is where you get to rotate your camera around and select zoom levels. It’s as if your entire run was capture with a variety of security cameras, and now you’re trying to decide how to move that camera around to see what you want to see (or show what you want to show).

This extra framing step gives great flexibility and provides new storytelling opportunities. But it is a lot of extra work. And the software, while magical in many ways, leaves a lot of bulk or batch processing options to be desired. I found myself working a bit, waiting a lot, working a bit more, and then waiting even more still.

And while all this extra work isn’t quite worth it for every kind of shot you might take, when you get in a groove with the camera and start taking shots that maximize it’s strengths (rather than try to make it like a gopro or what an iphone might capture), your efforts are certainly rewarded.

If you have any specific questions about this workflow or would like to learn more about any part of the process, please let me know in the comments.

Disclosure: this camera and accessories were sent to me by Insta360. However, they are not paying me to make this video, nor will they get to see any of my footage or my opinions until this video gets published on youtube.

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