How To Edit FreeCapture Videos Using Insta360 ONE R App Tutorial

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My 360 Camera Kit

00:24 How to connect camera to app?
00:45 What is the Local tab?
01:06 How to favourite a photo or video?
02:21 What is the Camera tab?
03:06 What is the All tab?
03:22 How to transfer video files from camera to app?
03:50 How to delete a video clip?
04:08 How to edit a single video clip?
04:52 What is the Edit button?
05:54 How to add Music?
06:31 How to export a single video edit
06:41 FlowState, Direction Lock and more options
07:01 How to stitch videos with lens guards
07:09 How to remove Chromatic Aberration
07:16 How to reset video clip edit
07:23 How to check video clip details
07:42 How to take a photo from 360 video
08:07 How to add markers to video clip
08:19 How to change aspect ratio
08:38 Best order to edit video clips
08:47 How to trim video clip
09:28 How to add pivot point
09:50 Barrel Roll option
10:09 How to change field of view (zoom in or out)
10:58 How to save a Tiny Planet photo
11:16 How to edit a Dronie
11:53 How to edit Pivot Points
12:25 How to delete a Pivot Point?
12:35 How to add Speed?
13:24 How to make a Tiny Planet video?
14:29 How to Smart Track?
15:24 How to create a story
16:45 Stories user interface
17:33 How to move around video clips
17:42 How to add a video clip?
18:11 How to add a video title?
19:15 How to add a video transition?
19:49 Stories FreeCapture editing
21:46 How to edit a Dronie in Story FreeCapture Editor
26:25 How to colour grade video clip?
26:39 What is the Cut tab?
27:24 How to Timeshift/Hyperlapse/Barrel Roll
29:48 How to export your video