How to do barrel roll shot without gimbal ? (Insta360)

A short tutorial of ceating a Barrel Roll Shot with Insta360, or any 360 camera. While not all 3-axis gimbals support 360 degrees turn, 360 camera is the alternative. You will need Adobe Premiere Pro along with GoPro VR plugin to animate the roll of the 360 video. Animated roll are actuated and more flexible.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 30 Day Free Trial: ➜

GoPro VR Reframe Plugin: ➜

Insta360 Studio 360 ➜

Mirai Official Page ➜

Equipment:Any 360 Camera
Software:Insta360 Studio + Premiere Pro (Gopro VR plugin)
Production Time: 5 mins Shooting + 30 mins Post Production
Level: Beginner