Hoops VR: Achievements, Cheats, Tips and Tricks

    The first basketball videogame launched for HTC Vive this week called Hoops VR. Created by Wizard Games Inc., the title is a free-throw experience that challenges players to dunk not only basketballs but fruit, vegetables and even paper airplanes. There’s also 7 Steam Achievements to unlock and VRFocus has the list below.  

    Currently available on Steam for a limited time price, Hoops VR can be purchased for £5.94 GBP until 27th June 2016, saving 15 percent on the regular price of £6.99.

    Full Achievement List:


    You’re on fire!

    Sink three in a row.


    Double hoop it up!

    Score two hoops with one paper airplane.


    Scrub League Baller

    Get 30 baskets on Easy.


    You’re burning up!

    Sink three in a row on Hard.


    You so Fly!

    Get 60 hoops on Paper Airplane mode.


    Cleaning up the streets!

    Score 30 on Garbage Mode.


    Major League All Star

    Get 50 baskets on Hard.