Home Improvisation: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

    Quirky furniture building title Home Improvisation launched for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) last week on Steam. Home Improvisation has won several awards for its novel gameplay and for dedicated players there’s 12 Steam Achievements to unlock as well, which VRFocus has listed below.

    Featuring over 30 pieces of furniture to build across six individual rooms players can work out the intended design or just decide to make whatever they feel like. Home Improvisation is still available at a discounted rate of 20 percent, dropping the price from £6.99 GBP down to £5.59.

    Full Achievement List:


    D-D-D-Drop the Vase!

    Shatter the vase.


    Setting the Mood

    Turn the lights all the way down.


    Interior Designer

    Build all furniture in a room.


    Full House

    Unlock all rooms in the house.


    Hammer Time

    Use the mallet to shatter something.



    Unlock all tools.


    Fully Furnished

    Build all furniture pieces.


    Positively Smashing

    Complete the Shatter challenge level.


    Higher and Higher

    Complete the Height challenge level.


    Fast Forward

    Complete the Speed challenge level.



    Play every note on the piano.


    Challenger Approaching

    Complete all challenge levels.