Have Your Wedding Day Captured in VR by Cinemersia

    If you’re getting married you’ll know there’s lots to plan and organise to make the day go right. And a part of that is hiring a capable photographer or videographer to record the day for posterity. But what about a more immersive experience, one where you’re back in the wedding amongst the guests and festivities. Now you can, Cinemersia, a live-action virtual reality (VR) cinema production company has announced a new consumer service, “VR Being There“, capturing weddings in 360-degree VR.

    Cinemersia VR Wedding

    “With the eruption of VR into the consumer market,” said David Marlett, principal of Cinemersia in a statement, “it makes sense for every wedding to now be captured in full spherical 360 degrees. Brides and grooms will forever be able to return to the middle of their ceremonies, effectively ‘being there’ again and again, looking around, seeing their attendants and guests, feeling the moment immersively. The opportunity should not be missed to capture it while you can.”

    “What we offer is an add-on for wedding planners, photographers, and videographers,” said Marlett. “We work through them. We can capture the ceremony affordably and with subtle impact on the service. Wedding photography and videography are terrific for what they are, but nothing short of VR can place you back there, in the moment, preserving that forever.”

    For further details on Cinemersia’s “VR Being There” service contact the company through its website or via a wedding planner if you’ve hired one. VRFocus will continue to follow Cinemersia’s future VR plans, reporting back any new announcements.


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