Gyoza Games on VR Aspirations: Games of the Past, Present and Future

    The newly established Gyoza Games is preparing to launch its debut title, Inbound, coming first to virtual reality (VR) platforms and later to more traditional videogame formats. It’s a videogame that pays homage to classic arcade gameplay through modern technology, and VRFocus recently sat down with Gyoza Games’ CTO, John Nagle, to discuss the inspirations for the videogame.

    As it turns out, its Nagle’s own experience in videogame development that has lead his team to work with familiar gameplay mechanics in the modern era. For many, VR has been seen as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board: to escape the muddied waters of building mechanic-on-mechanic in the hope of creating a gameplay experience that feels unique while avoiding each piece of the puzzle feeling disparate and disorganised. Starting from scratch opens many new opportunities, as Nagle suggests in the interview below.

    The full video interview with Nagle, where he reveals the studios’ intentions for VR development and discusses their first title, Inbound, is available below. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Inbound and other forthcoming VR titles from Gyoza Games.

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