Gunfire Games Release Official Trailer for Chronos

    There’s going to be 30 launch titles available for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) when it arrives next Monday, 28th March. Virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts have been waiting for this day for a few years now and Oculus VR has got an impressive line-up of content to keep gamers happy. One of those is Gunfire Games’ role-playing game (RPG) Chronos, and now the developer has released an official trailer.

    Gunfire Games has released video footage in the past of Chronos, but this is the first full cinematic experience with a narrated voiceover detailing the videogame and its story.

    Chronos‘ story has been known for a while now, it’s centred around a young boy or girl on a lifelong quest to complete an ancient labyrinth. Inside holds the secrets necessary to save the characters homeland, which has been overrun by monsters. The twist in the story is that the labyrinth can only be opened once a year. If a player fails in their quest then they’re cast out and must return one year later. This means as each subsequent attempt fails the character ages and there for loses the benefit of youth, being quick and agile and replaces those qualities as they age for wisdom and magic.

    Chronos will retail for $49.99 USD on the Oculus Store, and VRFocus will continue its coverage, reporting back any new announcements.

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