GoPro Max Review After 1 Month: ULTIMATE in Depth Review

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The GoPro Max is the second generation 360 camera from GoPro. I’ve been using it fairly regularly for the past month and I think I’ve got to know the camera well.

The GoPro max is first and foremost an action camera. While it shoots 360 video which can be viewed in VR, it’s primary purpose it to capture everything then allow you to decide where the camera points later. This is achieved very easily using the App which has been completely redesigned.

The Max is rugged, waterproof and features a LCD touch screen for full manual control, a first amoung 360 cameras.

In this review i’ll show you tonnes of clips, footage, videos editing on the app, desktop, photos and some awesome clips from other Max users. I’ll also talk about the cameras weak points and where GoPro needs to work to ensure the camera is future proof.

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