GoPro MAX: Full Mobile Workflow Tutorial

Want to know how to use the GoPro App to create awesome videos from the GoPro Max? In this video I take you through all the video editing options using mobile workflow on the GoPro editing app.

GoPro Max Available Here:

In this video I use the Android version of the GoPro App, so there may be a few slight differences if you are using the iOS version.

The GoPro App allows you to take your footage shot with your GoPro Max and create awesome videos using automatic video creation software. If the automatic software doesn’t create a video to your liking you have the option to manually create.

What sets the GoPro App apart from its competitors is the built in music, intros, and a range of video styles which allow you create unique video styles.

Hopefully this video will show you the basics of how the app works and what you can do with each option.