GoPro Hero9 released with 5K video: 19 features

GoPro Hero9 with 5K video: 18 features

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GoPro has announced the GoPro Hero9 with 5k video and other features.  Here’s the product video:

GoPro Hero9’s features:

  1. 5K video.  The Hero9 has a video resolution of 5K at 30fps, or 4K at 60fps.
  2. 20mp photos with Raw and HDR mode.
  3. Dual LCD: in addition to a rear LCD touchscreen, the Hero9 now has a full color front-facing LCD, which is helpful for vlogging.
  4. 30% longer battery life.  GoPro also claims that the battery will do better in colder temperatures.
  5. Hypersmooth 3.0 with horizon leveling
  6. Timewarp 3.0 (improved hyperlapse)
  7. Scheduled capture: this lets you begin recording at a scheduled time.  The GoPro will turn itself on and begin recording automatically.
  8. Duration mode: with this mode, you can specify a fixed recording time, such as 5 minutes or 20 minutes.  It will stop recording automatically when it reaches the specified duration.  This mode can be used together with Scheduled Capture.
  9. Hindsight: this lets you capture a video 30 seconds before you press the shutter, so you’ll won’t miss the shot.  It works by recording in a loop.
  10. Max lens mod.  This is an accessory for capturing extra wide angle videos, with a field of view of 150 degrees, similar to a fisheye lens.
  11. Webcam mode: the Hero9 includes webcam mode, out of the box.
  12. Removable lens: as with other GoPros, the lens cover is removable and can be replaced.  It will also likely have filters available from third parties.
  13. 8X slow motion  (1080p at 240fps)
  14. Live stream in 1080p.
  15. Data Overlays: as with other GoPros, the Hero9 can add an overlay to your videos with accelerometer data such as speed, altitude, etc.
  16. Foldable built-in GoPro mount.  Like the Hero8, the Hero9 has foldable built-in GoPro finger mounts.
  17. Voice control.
  18. Waterproof to 33 feet.
  19. Rugged.

The Hero9 is $349 with a $50 annual annual subscription, or $449 without a subscription.  It’s available on

The big question that everyone is asking is, how does it compare to the Insta360 One R (reviewed here)?  I ordered a Hero9 and will compare it to the One R as soon as I receive it.  Stay tuned.

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