GOPRO Hero 7 vs INSTA360 One X.

I recently was given a Insta360 One X camera to make a comparison video to the GoPro Hero 7 Black to see which one would be more ideal for what I do. I’ve only been using the Insta360 for the past few days trying to figure out how it works but its been really cool seeing how far technology has came with cameras, The fact that this camera can capture almost anything while filming is so rad, But that comes with a downfall, the editing… I don’t have a modern computer (mines from 2011) and it can barely handle the footage from the GoPro 7 (I shoot 1080 60 fps) just because my computer can’t handle 4k at all. The Insta360 shoots in 5k so my computer really can’t handle it. So all the clips I shoot on there I have to edit thru the insta360 app on my iphone 8 then send it to my computer thru iPhotos (worst app ever) and then import it thru iMovie then export it to final cut xml before I can use any clips from the Insta360 one X. So having to do all that gets really annoying and not very user friendly unlike the gopro which I can drag and drop but takes forever to render over in FinalCut. I think if i had a more updated computer I would like using the Insta360 more but for now I’ll just be using it for more interesting shots. But heres my comparison video, I think the colors on the gopro are a lot better but it also was one of my first times using the One X so that could of been a factor. Both cameras are great and I love how far technology has came in the last 5 years with pov cameras. Thanks Insta360 for sending me this camera I can’t wait to see what other cool shots I can get with it! As for the gopro I’ll always be a fan of that company and how far they have came in action sports. Comment which camera you’d like to own more!

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