GoPro Hero 7 vs. Insta360 One X – Test #2 Long Range – And Final Thoughts!

Went for a run with both the GoPro Hero 7 Black and the Insta360 One X, with each one on a selfie stick, to compare how each camera does in capturing action footage at a distance from the subject. This is a test that I anticipated would favor the Insta360, as the Insta360 really seems to shine when at the end of a selfie stick. And this test is in follow up to the last test, where most people preferred the clarity and color of the GoPro at short range.

In this test, while the GoPro still wins in clarity and color, I think the overall image and the stability of the Insta360 makes it the winner for me. This then means that the GoPro has won one test and the Insta360 wins another. But for me, the overall result is that the Insta360 does beat out the GoPro.

While there are certain situations, like in a race where I couldn’t bring a selfie stick, where I might prefer the GoPro, for most runs for me, I am going to be reaching for the Insta360. However, that doesn’t mean that I think that most people should get the Insta360. While it’s easier to film with the Insta360 (because it captures everything), it’s more time consuming to edit because you have to frame all your footage before you can start editing. And because it really requires a selfie stick, the GoPro is a lot more practical for a lot of people to carry.

Ultimately, it’s worth the time investment, but that time investment is something that people should consider when comparing against the GoPro.

GoPro Hero 7 Black


Insta360 One X:

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