GoPro Hero 11 vs Insta360 One RS: ULTIMATE COMPARISON

What’s the difference between the Insta360 One RS and the GoPro Hero 11? I’ve been using the two most popular action cameras of the year to see which comes out on top. There are quite a few differences between the two so watch carefully.

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In this video I go through every aspect of both the One RS and Hero 11 to see what they can do. I shot many videos side by side to see which can capture the better quality shots.

0.00 – Intro
0:37 – Camera Design
3:04 – One RS Video Options
4:03 – 360 Mod
4:35 – Hero 11 Video Options
5:17 – Video Comparison
7:34 – Stabilization Comparison
8:30 – Horizon Lock
9:45 – Special Video Modes
11:14 – Photo Comparison
12:34 – Software
14:59 – Other Features
15:58 – Summary

The One RS can shoot both normal and 360 video thanks to the two lenses that comes in the box. The Hero 11 can shoot just standard video but at a higher resolution.

The most direct comparison is between the Hero 11 and the Insta360 One RS 4K Boost Lens, however the 360 lens also allows you to create unique shots so you’ll also find footage from that too.

If you are struggling to choose between these two cameras then hopefully this video should answer all your questions.

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